Turbines in construction

  • Midlum, DE Feb 2017
  • Tating, DE Sep 2016
  • Fintel, DE Aug 2016

Lely Aircon

The former Aircon GmbH & Co. KG is now trading under the name Lely Aircon B.V.! Since March 2012, we have become a 100% daughter of the Lely group. The idea and motivation is simple.
The Lely group is a Dutch agricultural company and market leader in automatic milking systems. We have 2000+ employees and are active in more than 60 countries globally. We stand for a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future in agriculture.
Due to increasing farm automation the time has come to offer our customers a solution to reduce the overhead costs. Beyond that it is important for us to offer our customers a secure, environmental friendly and independent energy source for the future.

Independent from rising electricity prices and totally autarkic from large wind turbines, the energy generated will be directly fed into your farm and consumed where it´s needed. The major key term is self-consumption! We offer you all necessary components for an optimal operation of your small wind turbine – from the first planning to the final small wind turbine installed, we are there for you! Of course inclusive installation and commissioning.