The company - History

Since March 2012, the former company Aircon GmbH & Ko Kg.has been taken over by the Lely Group. After a history of over 10 years in the market, we are now named Lely Aircon B.V. and are still a leading class manufacturer of small wind turbines.

The company Aircon GmbH & Ko Kg. was founded in 2003 by Mr. Kai-Uwe Broek (Managing director, Sales) and Mr. Andre Schlink (Research and Development and Production). The management and development is still executed by the founders. The team of administration, production and sales consists of 21 employees. In the following the major milestones of the Lely Aircon B.V. are shown:


  • 1996 Development of the first prototype
  • 2000 Development of the 10 kW small wind turbine, the Aircon 10
  • 2003 Start of serial production of the Aircon 10
  • 2006 First delivery of Aircon 10 turbines into the USA
  • 2008 Delivery of 11 special edition small wind turbines of the Aircon 10, with active pitch-version for an Offshore research project in the Netherlands (ECN)
  • 2011 Achieving the MCS certificate and related commercial market entry in the U.K.
  • 2012 Takeover of the former Aircon GmbH & Ko. KG through the Lely group
  • 2013 Development of a 30 kW small wind turbine, the Lely Aircon 30
  • 2014 Extension of the production, movement of the entity to Leer, Germany (Am Emsdeich 7, 26789 Leer)

Administration and Planning

From the first planning to the service in the field, we are offering the whole portfolio. The key for success is founded through a long market experience in the small wind segment. With over 200 installations worldwide, we can look back onto 18 years of market experience and successful projecting of small wind turbines. You will find our Lely Aircon turbines from America over Europe to the desert of Lybia until Australia.

You have a specific need? Please don´t hesitate to contact us, we find a solution for you.


Small wind turbines “Made in Germany” that’s not only a saying we can also show you the fact based evidence.
We achieve currently a production depth of approx. 75%-80%. From the heart of the turbine, the generator over the whole nacelle manufacturing (inclusive CFK housing), as well as the electrical cabinet, we produce high quality turbines in Leer, Germany.
All components in our small wind turbines are equipped with standard high quality industry components. Therefore we can promise a world wide availability of spare parts and a long life time. The towers are supplied from a local mechanical engineering company from Leer.