Small wind turbine Lely Aircon 10

The Lely Aircon 10 is designed specifically to be extremely silent and a reliable source of renewable energy. With its unique design incorporating the minimum of moving parts, the Lely Aircon 10 requires only a brief and basic annual inspection and lubrication service. This in turn results in low costs of ownership during the expected lifetime of over 20 years. The Lely Aircon 10 is manufactured according to requirements of DIN EN 61400-2 certification.

Brochure Lely Aircon turbines [PDF] 

Summary report LA10 [PDF]  

Entirely manufactured in Germany, the Lely Aircon 10 is an engineering masterpiece that is the result of many years of market experience. Right from the beginning, the objective was to develop a small wind turbine with strong performance, new technology and safety systems comparable with larger wind turbines.

Technical specifications Lely Aircon 10
Nominal power 9.8 kW
Rotor diameter 7.5 m
Swept area 39.9 m²
1. Braking system hydr. Braking system
2. Braking system Generator inverter system
3. Braking system Yaw drive
4. Braking system Blade tip brake system 3-times redundant
Tower types 18-30 m
Yaw tracking Active yaw
Monitoring system  Multiple Hard- and Software monitoring
Generator Direct drive permanent synchronic Generator
Cut-in wind speed 3.5 m/s
Nominal- wind speed 11.0 m/s
Cut off- wind speed 25.0 m/s
Survival- wind speed 60.0 m/s
Rotational speed 60 - 120 U/min
Rotational control Stall Rotor bladed
Noise emission 39.7 dB(A) in 60m
Remote control Ethernet- communication (VPN-Connection)
Certificate MCS / EN50438 / CE

To approve independently the quality and safety of our products, we certify all our products.

The Lely Aircon 10 is certified according to the British standard MCS. The MCS standard is based on the DIN EN 61400-2 – Safety of small wind turbines. Also very important is the quality of the grid-voltage of 400V and a frequency of 50 Hz. Therefore the machine is certified according to the EN50438 – Grid connection certificate.