Rotor blades

The maximum efficiency is the major focus on our blades. Therefore the blades are designed aerodynamically and are specified for maximum yield. The rotor diameter of the Lely Aircon 10 is 7.5m with a swept area of 44 m². The Lely Aircon 30 has a rotor diameter of 13,12m with a swept area of 135 m². The blades are manufactured with fiber glass and epoxy resin. This technology is used over a long period of time and is state of the art in industry. We supply our blades from a Danish supplier, with a long history of blade design and manufacturing. The result is obvious, the quality is very high and the blades are designed for a long life time. All blades are equipped with the blade tip brake, so that in every emergency situation the turbine is stopped independently from the software control.

Control cabinet

The hardware parts and computer system control of our small wind turbine is supplied by EATON. The single components are assembled in a weather resistant outdoor cabinet. For a comfortable view on the display, the cabinet of the Lely Aircon 10 is set on a galvanized frame. The control cabinet of the Lely Aircon 30 has a dimension, so that the frame is not necessary and the customer has a comfortable view on the display. The cabinets having in total two chambers. That means the outer door is keeping the environment locked. In the second door you will find the touch display. Behind the second door, the power electronics is assembled. This door is locked, to avoid that anybody without permission can access the electronics. The display is showing the customer all relevant parameters and values, like the power, the yield, the wind velocity and direction. Those values are also accessible via the remote control unit, totally comfortable from a laptop or any other mobile device. The connection is granted over the customer internet router. The connection is provided by a VPN-tunnel, so always a secure and non-accessible connection for third parties. The advantage is clear, you and we have your turbine 24/7 monitored.

Safety features

The Lely Aircon small wind turbines are equipped with all state of the art safety features, so that the turbine is stopped in every storm occasion or in the unlikely event of losing the software control. The generator and the inverters are monitored by temperature sensors. The computer system is implemented in the touch display. A compact build and high performance processing unit is taking care of all relevant functions to monitor and to control. The software of the turbine is uniquely developed by our engineers. Furthermore there are multiple hard- and software device and functions included e.g. shaking contacts, nacelle direction sensors etc., so that all relevant and important variables are measured and controlled.


Conventional designed and manufactured synchronic generators are showing many disadvantages in several aspects. Our own developed and patented generator is avoiding these disadvantages due to the alignment of the rotor and the stator. Furthermore his building dimensions are very compact without compromising on efficiency and performance.

The SPARK-Generator is working variable in his rotational speed, so that at every wind speed the maximum power and yield is utilized.

Further technical advantages

  • Low noise profile by the generator itself
  • High electrical performance
  • Extraordinary power and force compared to the compact building design and weight
  • Reduction of flicker waves on the grid (final quality is ensured by grid inverter and grid protection device)

Our generator is build without a central gear box. The stator is equipped with permanent magnets. Due to this construction principle, we achieve a turning variable machine and therefore high yield in every wind range.

Tower and foundation frame

The galvanized towers for the Lely Aircon 10 are available in heights of 18/24/30m, inclusive the respective static/dynamic calculations as well as the foundation drawings. For international markets we offer as well a broad range of tubular- and tubular tilt-up or hydraulic towers. The hydraulic towers are available until 18m. The advantages is obvious, with the hydraulic tower, we don´t need a crane for installation of the turbine. The Towers for the Lely Aircon 30 are available in heights of 24/30/36/42m. the tubular towers will be available approx. in the 1. Quarter 2016. All towers are supplied with a safety ladder as well as a working platform attached to the tower, to ensure health and safety for our technicians.