Beside the comprehensive administrative support, we are there for you from the first project thoughts until the after service. We offer you full technical support, from installation over service and maintenance work as well as special constructions.

Manual Lely Aircon 10 [PDF]


We offer qualified installations of your small wind turbines. Our technicians are highly skilled and are trained on a continuous basis. Beyond that all technicians are trained on a yearly basis with respective climbing permissions. The yearly check-up is mandatory as well as the first aid training.

How long does an installation take? Depending on the turbine system and the ground conditions, an average installation needs between 1-4 days. A Lely Aircon 10 for example needs only 1 day to be installed if everything is in the right order. Please ask us for a specific estimation.
After setting up the turbine, the electrician of your favor only needs to connect the turbine to the grid and if the respective wind is there, the turbine starts to produce your free electricity.

Service and maintenance

We won´t leave you alone in the field! A good machine or turbine can only as good as its service is. To provide you a long life time and a high reliability of your small wind turbine, a yearly check-up is necessary. Since health and safety is for us important as well as its respective regulations, we have two technicians on the ground to proper service your machine.

The service and maintenance of a Lely Aircon 10 turbine usually needs 2-3h. For the Lely Aircon 30 it takes 4-6h.

Due to the online connection of the turbine to the factory backend, we always monitor your turbine. The advantages for you and us, is benefit of the preventive maintenance and an early detection of an error. If an error occurs, we directly get an error message and the service technicians will immediately start their work. The service is within the office times for free! If you wish a long term service contract, please contact us! We will take care to offer you a tailor made solution for your specific needs.